Red Flags of Early Intervention for Autism

After children are given an autism diagnosis, their parents are often recommended early intervention services, such as occupational therapy, speech therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Some of these services can provide benefits for developing neurodivergent minds, such as sensory integration and motor skill acquisition that occupation therapy provides, and speech therapy and communication skills […]

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The Autism Spectrum is Not Binary

We are beginning to recognize that gender is a social construct, that gender fluid people exist, and that gender is not as binary as we thought it was. Well, autism is not binary, either. When most people think of the autism spectrum, they may think of autism as a linear sliding scale from low functioning […]

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Why Autism Awareness Isn’t Enough

With April around the corner, autistic people are preparing for (and dreading) a wave of blue puzzle pieces and a month long celebration of autism “awareness.” It is true that being aware of what autism is, how it presents differently in every autistic person, and what autistic traits and behaviors are, including sensory needs and […]

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